Accredited Off Library and Tailored Programs

With years of extensive experience gathered by our experts and trainers, KAP knowledge base and back office library includes a variety of training programs that can be taken off the shelf, got them fine tuned, and then have them delivered through various channels.

KAP Knowledge based includes and not limited to Management Training, Soft Skills, Compliance Training, Public Relations, Sales, and Marketing.

KAP also has the capacity to create and deliver courses that are precisely tailored to meet client’s needs. We either select a curriculum from our library and have it customized, or we create the content from scratch.

Such delivery passes through the following phases:

  • Training Needs Assessment: We assess the specific learning needs and the program exact requirements, based on the initial requirement shared by the client.
  • Customized Training Programs: Our team of experts and trainers will then design and develop the program based on the assessment done in the first step.
  • Accreditation: KAP accreditation team will work with accreditation institutions to get these program accredited and recognized.
  • Delivery: This can be either in KAP training rooms in London, online, any other local venue agreed on with the client.