Kensington Academic Pathways Admissions Policy

The Kensington Academic Pathways Admissions Policy outlines the concepts and procedures that Kensington Academic Pathways follows in selecting and admitting students to the courses available on

Our Aims

Kensington Academic Pathways believes that education has the power to fundamentally improve lives, regardless of a student’s background or geography, and that it provides the opportunity to build in-demand skills and knowledge necessary for success at university. The admissions policy was written with the goal of ensuring that students are admitted in a transparent and equitable manner.

We work to ensure and are committed to

  • minimising barriers to higher education by providing access to a wide range of course subjects at various levels for people with different and varying educational requirements, levels and aspirations.
  •  removing discrimination, fostering diversity, and promoting equal opportunity in our practises and admissions policies
  •  utilising reliable selection and admissions procedures to admit all motivated individuals
  •  implementing fair admissions practices

Selection Processes

The online application form is used to accept course applications. Admissions choices are based on the course’s admittance requirements as well as the applicant’s past and projected academic achievement. All applications must be submitted by the deadlines for the individual January, September, and April intakes. Kensington Academic Pathways retains the right to revoke offers if fraudulent or deceiving information is discovered in an applicant’s application. Kensington Academic Pathways will take the necessary steps and procedures to analyse the applicant’s potential in order to make an informed decision regarding their ability to finish and pass their course and be awarded their qualification.

Programme Definitions

Our programmes are delivered by accredited global awarding bodies ATHE and QUALIFI. They are regulated in the UK by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual).

  • Level 3 courses are Level 3 qualifications that are equivalent to a foundation year of the university courses
  • Level 4 courses are Level 4 qualifications that are  equivalent to the First year of the university degree
  • Level 5 courses are Level 5 qualifications that are equivalent to the first two years of the university degree
  • Level 6 courses are Level 6 qualifications that are equivalent to the third year of the university degree
  • Level 7 courses are Level 7 qualifications that are equivalent to masters degree of the university

Admissions Procedures

  1. In order for applicants to be assessed for a course, they will need to complete the application form and indicate the course of interest which can be found on the respective course page.
  2. The application will be assessed in accordance to the entry requirements on the respective course they applied. They will also be assessed on their academic motivation and aptitude.
  3. If they are found to fulfil entry requirements, achieved the required level of education and other criteria they will be offered a place on the chosen programme they applied to. Entry requirements vary for each programme and can be found on the individual course pages.
  4. Students will receive one of the following:
    • An unconditional offer: candidates  have fulfilled and met all requirements for the course they applied to
    • A conditional offer: candidates will be required to fulfill additional qualifications or other relevant academic requirements (such as in English) before being accepted
    • Refusal: where candidates have not been offered a place and have found them to be not suitable for the course in which they have applied for. They will be given information on why this decision has been formed.

Kensington Academic Pathways is committed to documenting feedback, complaints and appeals.  If a candidate wishes to question the decisions of Kensington Academic Pathways in regards to their application they will be able to do so by contacting [email protected] which will be dealt with accordingly

Students must all comply with the course guidelines, requirements, timely attendance and work and assessment deadlines per each awarding body guidelines. Learners should inform Kensington Academic Pathways at the earliest convenience for absences and tardiness where they will be considered on a case by case basis under exceptional circumstances.

Kensington Academic Pathways will not tolerate:

  • inappropriate or offensive language
  • poor attitude to studies
  • persistent tardiness to classes
  • misuse of learning materials and resources
  • cheating and plagiarism
  • not complying with rules
  • gross misconduct which includes but is not limited to threatening behaviour, attending classes while under the influence of alcohol or drugs or being in possession of them, physical violence, misconduct, or endangering others