Kensington Academic Pathways Refund Policy

The refund policy has been developed to provide learners clarity with Kensington Academic Pathways position on the recovery, measures and circumstances in which fees will be considered and refunded. 

Refunds and withdrawals

Once learners have paid, received their login details and the course has been delivered to their account or has been downloaded, refunds will not be available.

• Learners should notify and contact [email protected] for their withdrawal and refund of their course.
• Learners should allow between 1-2 weeks for their return to be processed.
• Learners will not normally be allowed to transfer their fees for another course if they change their mind.
• A learner may claim for a refund if they become unwell and the condition is permanent, preventing them from continuing their studies. Medical evidence such as a doctor’s note or equivalent documentation will be required.
• If the learner is dissatisfied with the quality of the course and cannot resolve the issues they will be able to submit a complaint and Kensington Academic Pathways will try to address the issues the learner has and refunds may be issued if considered appropriate from Kensington Academic Pathways. 
• If Kensington Academic Pathways cancels a course, an alternative course may be offered and if there is no suitable alternative, a full refund will be given.