‘Blue Green’ represents our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) endeavor, aimed at igniting the social responsibility and sustainability facets within private sector corporations. Our primary objective is to conceive and implement impactful projects that yield quantifiable and enduring results.

Our overarching mission with ‘BLUE GREEN’ is to cultivate a highly proficient generation of practitioners who are well-equipped to excel and lead in both domestic and international business arenas. These initiatives seek to broaden their horizons, expand their exposure, and bolster their proficiency in interpersonal and business skills.

The goals and objectives of 'BLUE GREEN' are as follows

To reform CSR and sustainability divisions across private sector, government, and community development entities, ensuring they become more attuned to the needs of the community and translating theory into practice.

To promote knowledge, awareness, and comprehension of CSR and sustainability practices among actively engaged private sectors in Ajman and put these concepts into practical use.

To enhance the participants’ capabilities in conceiving new sustainable social enterprises and CSR projects that contribute to their society, university, and CSR divisions within the private sector.

Special emphasis is placed on the potency of partnerships and the influence of relational leadership on sustainability outcomes.”

Our instructors bring a wealth of experience, spanning 25 years, across the diverse domains of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability, and Youth Development. Their expertise encompasses technical facets such as public relations, program design and management, training, and the establishment of institutional partnerships at both strategic and grassroots levels. Furthermore, they boast a decade-long track record of engaging in projects with various international non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

These projects have been dedicated to the support and empowerment of women entrepreneurs and social leaders, underscoring our commitment to fostering positive change and social progress.